In testing group - new layout with project below desc. no bueno


New layout being tested on me I think – my team doesn’t see it yet. The project labels are below the description in a task, which means you have to scroll down to see it or set it (if you forward to asana all the time with x@… ). No bueno!! Significant downgrade in UX.

I love asana overall. This is not a good change though! Please revert!!! :slight_smile:

Unhelpful UI change: tags unvisible, unnecessery text

Yeah I kinda hate this new layout. We often use the task description for in-depth analysis, so now I often can’t see the projects without scrolling down past the description.

It also seems less compact, with the wasted space on the top bar (where assignee and date used to be) and extra space being used up below the task name.

I can’t see any sense in this change.


Definitely agree! The date and project are both super important and used on every. single. task. But now we have to look for them at differing places (i.e. task title length can change the exact place you look for the date even and desc. length the place of the project) instead of being in the most obvious place at the top at an easy anchor point. Terrible terrible UX design…


Please see “Unhelpful UI change - Project tabs/buttons in tasks pushed down” in Site Feedback.