Trying to contact Asana for a refund

Hi, I hope this is going to work.
First off, I really like Asana and hope to continue using it as I keep building my business. I signed up for a free Premium trial last month, I wanted to give it a go before downgrading to the basic plan, but I did not get around to cancel it before the end trial date. I have been charged for a full year of Premium subscription but I really I am not in the position to commit to this kind of investment when I am just starting out with my business.
I contacted the support team right after being charged but I have not heard from them yet. I have sent four emails already in the past 6 days, all unanswered except for one automatic response, so I am just checking in to see if someone here could help me out.

Thanks very much!

Hi @Bruna_Sara, thanks for reaching out!

I’m really sorry for the delay you’ve experienced with our support over the last week. I have just liaised with our support team to help speed up the process and can confirm they will be in touch shortly to help you resolve this issue.

I’m unfortunately not equipped to give you a tailored answer regarding your specific situation as I do not have access to your account or information. Please bear with until our team gets back to you via email, we hope this gets resolved soon!

Let me know if I can help you with anything else in the meantime.

Thank you for your prompt reply! I have been contacted by the support team and my issue has been resolved.

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I’m glad the issue is solved @Bruna_Sara! Feel free to create new threads if you have questions or search for existing threads. We’ll be happy to help!

Hi Asana, I’ve emailed all your departments. This year when we started working from home I started working on my business. I tried your app for better organization. I have recently been laid off and my new business is still a dream. I literally when to disactive my trial, this is my rent money. And in this black live matter time it’s hard to get a new job. I called my credit card but the transaction is still pending. I hope you can look into this before 16 days unlike what I’m hearing on this forum. I’m not trying to get evicted for non payment

Hi @nia.cohen, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble here. We’ll help you to solve this asap!

I’ve just liaised with our support team to help speed up the process and they will be in touch shortly via email.

Let me know if you have questions in the meantime.