🤝 Trust Center with self-service security and privacy resources

Hi Community!

I’m here from Asana Security team to announce Asana’s New Trust Center, which you can find at security.asana.com.

Many of the world’s teams rely on Asana to orchestrate their most important work, and Asana has a responsibility for ensuring that the data you entrust us with is safeguarded. Our vision for the Trust Center is to make it as easy as possible for you and your company to learn about the many ways in which Asana is committed to protecting your data.

In our Trust Center, you will find documents and artifacts that demonstrate our continuous commitment to earning your trust, such as:

  1. Descriptions of our Security and Privacy programs,
  2. Compliance certificates
  3. Searchable knowledge base with thousands of responses to common security and privacy questions
  4. Penetration Test summary
  5. Law Enforcement Transparency Report
  6. CAIQ questionnaire
  7. Network diagram

You may also directly request access to the more sensitive documents below, which you’ll get access to immediately once we’ve confirmed we have an NDA in place. If you’re a current customer, we’ll automatically approve requests to access these documents:

  1. SOC 2 Type 2 report
  2. Certificate of Insurance
  3. SIG, VSA, HECVAT questionnaires

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If you have questions or other ideas, please let us know in the Comments below!



This is awesome! Can’t wait to dig around, thank you!



This is great, and I’ve already shared with clients.

But can you explain what is the role of https://trust.asana.com/ vs. https://security.asana.com/ and whether these will merge into one or both persist?

For now I was surprised not to see links connecting these two, and also to see a new page with the title “Asana Trust Center” but not using the trust.asana.com URL.




Great question! Trust at Asana • Asana is the existing landing page which gives a high level overview which our pre-sales prospects might be interested in. I suspect over time we’ll make /trust shorter and refer to Trust Center for all details.

“Trust Center” is becoming a standard term to indicate the place a customer would go to learn about and gather artifacts about a company’s security and privacy posture. Given the traction and current success with the existing /trust page I want to keep that as-is and instead bring Trust Center live with the available URL of security.asana.com. Most of the resources customers are looking for and downloading are specifically related to Security (SOC 2, CAIQ questionnaire, and PenTest report).


Thanks, @brian_t. I appreciate the info and understand…except…

I don’t understand why the old Trust page wouldn’t now or soon mention the existence of the new Security page, especially when you have parts of that Trust page anticipating the viewer may want more info (and offering a white paper), but I’m sure you have good reasons. I’ll make sure clients/customers know about both if they might need both.

Thanks again,


I have requested a copy of the SOC 2 Report and I have yet to receive it.

@Angie_Janer it looks like your request for the SOC 2 was instantly automatically approved. Make sure you check your email folders for the content and message me if you still have any issues.