Feature Request: Mandatory 2FA

Asana team,
Thank you for adding 2FA. It’s great to see that the security of the tool has greatly improved. Having said that, it would be nice to have a feature that forces users of a Team to setup 2FA before logging in.

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the feedback @Alvaro_Toledo :+1:t3:This is something our team will be looking into for a future update!

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I created another topic on this by mistake, but yes by team would be great. Members of an IT or HR team would have much more sensitive data then say a process improvement team.

This is a security request. I’d like to enable 2FA for members of my Asana organization and possible all Guests too. I’m an admin and member of our IT team and have a feeling that sensitive data may be in our Asana environment. I’m instructing my other admins and members of the IT team to enable 2FA but I’d like a way to force it.

Especially with only having 8 character min passwords this would make the environment much more secure.

I tried to look everywhere, I had the intuition that it would be an Enterprise feature, but I could not confirm. Maybe @Rebecca_McGrath or @Emily_Roman could pitch in and tell us if this is an existing feature somewhere.


Hi @Blake_Ianni, great question! :slight_smile:

While it’s not available yet, the ability for Admins to require 2FA is something our Product Team is currently looking into for a future update.

Thanks for jumping in here @Bastien_Siebman!