Tree View for Portfolios and sub-portfolios / projects under the main portfolios

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We use in our companies Main portfolios that may contain below it sub portfolios that will contain many projects.

I know how to include a project under a portfolio , and I know also how to include a portfolio inside a portfolio , do we have some sort of tree view for all this ?

I see all appearing in one flat level which sometimes cause confusion specially for new users who wants to know where to put the new projects or where to create the new sub-portfolio.

This will be great feature and will not cause any efforts in the change , just the same data appear in more structured way.

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Hany Abdulazeem

Hi @Hany_Abdulazeem_Elsa, great question :slight_smile:

Currently, it is not possible to view Portfolios and Projects in this hierarchical view but I understand how this would be helpful!

At the moment, Portfolios in Portfolios and Projects in Portfolios are displayed via breadcrumbs at the top of the page if you navigate to a Project, or Portfolio, from the Portfolio.

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to give you and other users the opportunity to upvote this suggestion, I hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you updated if our Product team makes any changes to this!


Thanks :slight_smile:

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This would be very useful

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Is there an update on this feature?

This would be useful for my team as well.