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Hi experts

Does any one have Asana training agenda for staff and agenda for managers ?
Am trying to segereate training for all users and functions available and useful for managers.
Ever so grateful for any and every guidance.
Thank you

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Hi @geetika.kaushal,

Have you utilized Asana Academy? There are many courses and helpful videos to take and watch for all different types of users within your organization. I have provided the link below at your convenience.

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Yes I have been on asana acaddmy.

Will get the functionity detail from academy.

Question is more about what functions are best to cover for staff and managers . More about agenda than the content.

Thank you

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Got it!

I think base-level functionality should include:

  • How to utilize tasks and subtasks (completing, commenting, adding content etc)
  • How to create projects (utilizing Asana/custom templates, what team to place projects in etc)
  • Utilizing inbox and My Tasks

The next level functionality can include:

  • Understanding and creating rules and forms
  • Messaging, status updates, and communication within Asana
  • Syncing apps that your organization uses to streamline automation.

Hope this helps!


That is very helpful Mike.

Did you have any ideas on what functions can be covered for managers in terms of monitoring work, assigning work, etc etc.

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For starters, I would focus on maintaining users tasks and making sure they are on time, the appropriate comments are made, etc.

It will take time for your team to adjust and get the best practices down, but as for managers, I would try to familiarize yourself with creating, editing, and delegating as much as possible. Be involved with every step of the process until your users are fully onboarded.

Three things to focus on:

  • Assigning tasks to users and realistic end dates
  • Creating and managing project templates from start to finish
  • Maintain the inbox and make sure your users are active

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