Tracking the number of times a task changes between section

Looking to find a way to track tasks as them move from New task, to QA, to Approved, Sent to production,etc. Want to be able to see how many times a task has to go back to QA or another section because of late changes from the business owner. Thanks

Hi @Christopher_Seile Tasks contain metadata at the bottom of the task.

Besides the metadata, there is no other way to create a column that tracks the location?

The metadata is the tracking data (log file). What did you have in mind as an alternative?

Another column that would add it up. We have issues with pushing things through to get it approved, then the team sends it back for changes and would be nice to have something visual instead of looking through the metadata.

I doubt Asana would implement that exact use case, but…

You should post over in Feedback the ability for a Rule to Increment a Number Custom Field.

That would be quite handy for many reasons I presume.

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