Tracking number of tasks created by different team members when using a form

Hi Asana team,

I manage a collaboration between 9 organizations and we use Asana for for all internal and external user requests. The requests come via an Asana form to a master project and then I use rules to assign tasks to specific projects and assignees. Love all that and it works like a charm!

My question is about the ability to view number of tasks submitted by different team members. As I am using the form, my created by field is empty and I don’t seem to be able to link to that. I tried creating a people and a text custom field to capture that information and although I can see who created the task, I haven’t figured out a way to view that information on dashboard which is very important for our work and our metrics. Any suggestions?



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Hi Monica and thanks for your great question.

If you use your form internally, you can activate the following option.

Submitters will be filled in the “Created by” field.

Hope that helps.


Welcome, @Monica_Harris1,

Until people and text custom fields are supported in Dashboard or Advanced Search (people might be at some point because it’s still quite new), then you’ll need another approach.

Right now you could keep using your people type custom field, and in the master project list view, Sort (group, really) by this field. You could multi-select row batches group by group to get totals, or use this hack: Include a numeric custom field and set it to a value of 1 for every row (you could do this with multi-select all rows). Then you’ll automatically get a sum in every grouping so you won’t have to do it manually!

Hope that helps,



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