Tracking Meetings and Emails in Asana with Everhour

We are using Everhour to track time in Asana. Our organization uses the Office 365 suite for email and calendaring. We use O365 to schedule meetings. How do you account for time tracking for meetings and things like email in Asana? I’ve been experimenting with a Team that is called “Standing Tasks” and have added a project called “Meetings” I then have my regularly occurring meetings listed, and a consultation and other task within the project to account for impromptu meetings. I then add time via the EverHour integration. Is there a better way to do this?

Hi Ashley,

Sorry for a super delayed answer, let me revive this topic.

I have to say that your suggested variant is the best possible at the moment. You can try to connect Office 365 directly with Everhour omitting Asana and track your meeting tasks in our internal projects. There is a tool called Zapier that let you sent your events there. We have covered the topic in one of our blog posts taing Google calendar as an example.