Today, Upcoming & Later Icons



I am trying to use the priority tags “Today”, “Upcoming” & “Later” as described here:

However, I don’t understand why when I select one the blue dot is replaced by a convenient icon…But I can only see the icon while my cursor is hovered over that task. Why does that spot either have the blue dot or is blank? I must be missing a setting or something because the icons seem very useful…but not if they only show up while my cursor is hovering over that specific task…


Hi, @Andrew_Dreger and my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

You’re completely right, when clicking on the blue dot and sorting your new task in either Today, Upcoming or Later Sections, you will see a little “calendar icon” next to your task indicating the task was sorted. This icon is only visible when hovering your mouse on the sorted task; this is an expected behavior, so don’t worry there is nothing wrong with your account :slight_smile: