Tips to build an dashboard with Google Data Studio


Hi Guys, our team has been using Asana for a few years and we love the tool. However, one need we have is to build some reports. That’s why I ask. Has anyone built Asana project dashboards with Google Datastudio yet? Can you share some tips?


Hi @Joe_Trollo!!

Since you are changing the database design, as you expressed in your post “Sections are dead! Long live sections!”, I would like to know if there is any plan to release a conector for using Google Data Studio??

We developed our own migration using the Asana API but I suppose it will get obsolete soon, as the data flow will continue changing.

I’ll appreciate your comments!!
Thank you!


Hi @Daniel9, our integrations roadmap is unrelated to this data model change, and I don’t have any information about what the integrations team here has planned for the future.

Changing our data model is not something we do frequently or lightly. The API team aims to preserve backwards compatibility whenever possible, so integrations our customers build don’t become obsolete.


Thank you for your reply @Joe_Trollo… do you know whom should I ask about the possible release of a Data Studio connector??