Tip Tuesday: Templatizing Projects

Why recreate the wheel when you can templatize it? When you convert your project to a template, it saves you time, effort and resources.

From here, you can name your project template and share it with your team. You can also tailor the privacy settings for the template to be shared with your team, give your team edit access or make it private to project members. Once this is done, click Create a new template.

Your template will now be generated, allowing you to start to build and tailor it to your needs. Learn more here.


Templates are amazing :slight_smile: they can save you a ton of time. Benefit you may have overlooked: if your colleague go on to work elsewhere, they don’t leave with their knowledge!


@Bastien_Siebman! Great point, thanks for lifting this up :slight_smile:


And project templates offer relative dates for tasks/subtasks based on the project’s start or due date, assigning tasks to roles for which you can choose people at project creation time, and more!


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@lpb - we welcome all the pro-tips! Thanks Larry!

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