Tip Tuesday: Move requests from your email to Asana with Forms

Hi there! I’m @Alex-Lyons, and I work on our dedicated Nonprofit Customers Success team at Asana. Excited to bring you this Tuesday’s tip: Move requests from your email to Asana with Forms.

Time-savings is one of the key ways Asana adds value for nonprofit organizations - giving employees time back in their day to help achieve your mission. In fact, we find that 257 hours are wasted per knowledge worker annually on manual processes.

With Forms, internal and external partners can submit requests to a central place for the team to prioritize and delegate. Use Forms to streamline work requests, clarify expectations, and get all the details your team needs to get started.

Ready to get started on creating your first intake project with Forms? Here’s a video to help you get started in 15 minutes!

Setting up an intake project in Asana - Watch Video


Amazing tip @Alex-Lyons! Thanks for sharing with the NP community :tada:

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Nice tip, @Alex-Lyons, and a really nice walkthrough of key, common workflow setup functionality in that very clear video.

Another strong Tip Tuesday!




Thanks @lpb… more to come :grinning:


I just spent 15 min (actually 7.5 min at 2x speed) to learn this isn’t an automated Email-to-Form conversion process, ie send email to a specific address and it shows up in form view.

It would be helpful if the closed captions were copied to the page so visitors could skim the captions to determine if the content is relevant before watching the video.