Timeout issue with very huge workspace

I have a special request, as one of our Bridge24 customer have so many projects that we can’t retrieve them, there’s always a timeout after 40 seconds.

Even if I limit opt_fields to just “name”, I tought it was because I queried custom fields also.


So, I need to contact someone directly for that specific case of that user.
Who is the best person to write a private message to about it?

The customer have more than 50000 users and 50000 tags! That make me discover that there’s a limit of 500 pages (or 50000 items) when using pagination!

But we can’t get page 1 of projects, it always timeout.

(update) We also see that it can occurs with /users on the same workspace. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Also for /projets, sometimes it works… I suppose it depends on the api / database charge at that time.

Who can we contact at Asana to get help with API when we develop application using it?

I contacted some people directly in that forum without any response.
I wrote that post without any response.
I contacted the standard support, but because the issue is not with “my” workspace, we don’t get any help.

Is there someone that is officially doing the API Support for developers, like Joe Trollo did before?

Thank you!

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For those interested…

We got a solution from the Asana support team.

They suggest to query projects lists from the “teams” endpoint.

For big organizations, they have lots of teams, and by querying projects by teams instead of projects by organizations, we get smaller resultset that have less chances to timeout.

So, we’ll change our app code to always query projects by team, it will be more stable, and also faster when we can query lists in parallel for multiple teams!