Team users API page limitations not working

Trying to get users from this endpoint: Asana
Request example

limit parameter has no effect - response returns all users in team

If team have too much users, it returns error
{“errors”:[{“message”:“The result is too large. You should use pagination (may require specifying a workspace)!”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: …”}]}

Hi @Dmitry_Uskov, thanks for reporting this. While it is apparently a bug, I’m moving it to the Developers & API forum section so that it gets proper visibility.

@Ross_Grambo, this does look like a bug to me - I tried it in API Explorer and got the same result as @Dmitry_Uskov. In both the /teams/[team_id]/users and the /workspaces/[workspace_id]/users endpoints, specifying ?limit=[n] seems to have no effect.

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