Timeline - view multiple projects together

Having only just set my team up on Asana, this is the one requirement my manager would like to see. We upgraded to get portfolios and have found that it still doesn’t help give us a wholistic view of all projects and their timeline so that we can see how we are tracking. We are using asana to project manage our client accounts along their customer journey. A fairly unique thing but if we can nail the timelines we can see this really helping us. Fingers crossed!

Hi Peter, thanks for you suggestion. Is there an easy way to copy the tasks from one project across to the aggregated project, or do you have to re-create every tasks manually in the new project?

Hi Peter, I found the “add to another project” thread. Am using this to ‘multihome’ unless a better way. Cheers anyway!

I would like to see all projects in the timeline each task on it is a project associated. From this view, I can easily check all projects progress and currently in progress without going to each project and check their timeline.

love the timeline feature, and it would be more exciting if this is available.


Hi @Rolando_Evaristo and welcome to the Forum!

We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread Timeline - view multiple projects together to consolidate feedback on this topic!

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@Rolando_Evaristo, and others on this thread,

While it requires some manual effort, you can one time create a project and make each task in it correspond to a work project you’d like to see on the timeline, then do a timeline view of this one project.

I’ve created a very flexible, comprehensive solution that’s kind of like Portfolios but with Timeline and not requiring Business Tier; PM me if interested:




Hi @Marie,

Thank you for merging. Sure it needs to be consolidated. :slight_smile:

I would expect that the portfolio feature would actually give us the option to have a timeline for all projects under the portfolio. so pls go for it and implement it.


Nikos’ comment is 100% the way I’d like to see this go and what I’d like to see the PRIMARY PUROSE of portfolios being - an overarching view of the entire timeline of all projects. Love seeing that other people are after the same functionality we are - look forward to seeing what kind of solution Asana team comes up with!


This really needs to be implemented. It’s so hard to manage multiple projects without.


Another vote for this feature. Its super essential!


I just signed up, found this limitation, then discovered the multi-project work-around and its great! Don’t see why people are complaining. Did you all try using a single “high level view” project that every other task is added to that you want to see shared? It’s really pretty simple and works just fine for a multi-project, colored timeline view.

I’m loving it. See below


Hi, How did you set it to add the tasks that you add to other project automatically get added to this one?


My god, what an exercise in frustration! Multiple threads that lead back to one suggestion to use the “the multi-project work-around”, and no clear indication how to do that or what that means. Argh! Making me want to beat my head against a wall today… or, perhaps simpler, just move away from Asana!


+1 on this feature! Concerning that it’s been a big community “ask” yet nothing has happened in over 18 months. I assumed this feature would be included in the Premium plan and very disappointed to find it isn’t.

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How exactly you do it?

Me too! No point using Asana if you can’t get the overview of all project in one calendar.

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Yes, but don’t you have to pay for this?

This is incredibly frustrating, The info has to remain in PM’s heads

When can we expect progress on this Asana

Should we start looking elsewhere for solutions?


Wrike has this feature, we decided to use that instead.

We have been using Microsoft Planner inside Microsoft Teams until now (already licensed by our enterprise). The sole reason for looking into an external paid platform is the ability to have high-level visibility in a calendar or timeline, on all projects and their phases.

It’s a real shame, I like Asana otherwise.