Timeline questions. Can you turn off Sections in Timeline view?

OK team, I am doing something with Timeline that might be doing it the hard way. If there’s a way to turn off “Sections” in Timeline view, someone please tell me how.

I have a project “Production Schedule”. In this project, all the departments inside our manufacturing facility get one Section. Any manufacturing batch that goes through our facility will get one task per department, all with dependencies built into them. It’s as simple as thinking of each section as “Step 1” , “Step 2”, “Step 3”. Step 1 blocks step 2.

This all looks magnificent in Board and List view, because you sort them by due date, and each department will do whatever is at the top of their list, due that day. Absolutely beautiful.

Oh, but then toggle over to Timeline view, and things go bad very, very quickly. Since the dependency lines are always connected to tasks in another section, you cannot see the tasks in a dependency string on the same screen.

Is there a way to turn the sections OFF on Timeline view? This sorta defeats the whole purpose of timeline view.

On List and Board view, I get to see things listed by section (or, “manufacturing step”, in my case). But when I go to Timeline View, I really don’t care about what section something is in, I’d rather see the dependency lines grouped “one string at a time”.

I am currently doing a workaround by just running two parallel Projects. One is used in List/Board view which takes advantage of the sections, the other project has no sections at all and is called “Production Timeline”. I’d much rather just do all this in one Project.

I’ll attach two screenshots so Admin here can see the difference between “Sections on Timeline” and “No sections”. The difference is literally the difference between “unusable” and “fantastic”.

Hi @Matt5,

If you use the “sort by” functionality in timeline view it removes the sections from timeline.

You can sort by due date, start date, or assignee & the sections will disappear.


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Well, that technically gets rid of the sections, but you cannot reorganize them.

This is what it looks like with sections turned off. There’s no reason for the dependency tasks to be set so low like this. At least, I’m not sure why it does that.

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