Timeline on iPad app

I would really love this feature, too! I would prefer using all the features in Asana on my iPad over my computer.


I love Asana. From design to usability to the company philosophy and culture. So I am little surprised with all the logic and thoughtfulness that the timeline isn’t available on iPad yet. Very excited for that update. Much needed.


+1 Our company is starting to use Asana but without this feature I cannot promote Asana.
Timeline of iPad and Mobile phone is a must nowadays


+1 for this feature. My company will have to switch to another platform if it isnt included soon. Love asana though so hope not to have to move.


Plus 10000000 votes here!


I 100% agree–the Ipad app should do everything that the web app can. Hottest priority needs to be adding the Timeline functionality. While Asana is a great system, having no Timeline access severely undercuts the Ipad app.


Same here. The iPad limitations vs the Web version are the thing that’s keeping me from switching. It’s about time Asana, there’s no technical reason for this.


With the new iPadOS coming this fall we will get the full desktop web experience.

+1 million for this feature.

The timeline was actually one of the reasons I started using Asana and I’m addicted to it but I’m walking around job site with my laptop now when I generally only use iPad Pro.

If you could access the browser version through Safari or Chrome that would even be an adequate work around, but the redirect to the app is ridiculous when the app is so limited.

Also the lack of visible custom fields on mobile means I can’t sort my project and discuss tasks in an intelligent manner without grabbing my laptop.

I’m keeping my language light a for this public post, but I generally am only able to talk about this issue with short bursts of profanity while waking around with an open laptop like this is 2014 or something.


Uhm, is that a reason to not listen to paying users about key missing features from their main computing devices?

This is a dumb comment

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I’m using the iPad pro more and more. It’s so powerfull… the only thing that is holding it’s back is apps/companies that dismantle there systems, and strip out for me essential features.

  • 1 for timeline

One good thing. Apple is coming out with a new desktop like Safari. There will be no difference then to a desktop vs ipad and we can stop using the Asana iPad app.

Hint: you can at least access yourTimelines on an iPad today, by requesting the desktop version of the website within Safari. See picture.

(It does not work well for editing the timeline, but better than nothing.)

Tap and hold the “reload” icon to see the “Request desktop website” option.

Thank goodness for this tip! I have been tearing my hair out trying to work out how to view the timeline on my iPad Pro. I needed to take a client through a timeline and I did not have my laptop with me. I agree with the comments here. This built in timeline feature is one of the main reasons we switched to Asana in the first place. So it seems mad that it is not in the App.

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+1 here, please add timeline on iPad. Even on iPadOS with desktop class browsing, it’s not working as expected. We definitely need this!

Yes i see the need of implement it in iphone too, iphone users need the same workflow in movil that in pc, i agree that the absence of timeline in IOS makes me wait until i am on PC to make change to my timelines, i hope someone we have this feature on IOS/android

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What are you using now - it there a better alternative? I’m missing this functionality too and looking for some alternative.

August 2020 and still not there. Really disappointed no one from Asana seems to be engaging this forum. Add my +1!

The browsers on iPad used to open the Asana webapp with the timeline but they start now automatically Asana app without timeline, so one actually has to delete the app from the iPad to access the webapp with the timeline. I agree, this must improve, it is a major shortcoming for the money.