Timeline for multiple projects

We are a team that works on multiple, ongoing projects, mostly marketing-oriented, and would like to be able to see a timeline that shows briefs, tasks, and deadlines for multiple projects.

Currently, we are using a single project, with sections to separate each individual projects. This workaround… works. For now! But, because the timeline is task-based, it’s impossible to keep a brief somewhere that is readily available to someone using the timeline. An ideal place for this would be in the section itself - if you click on a section in list view, you can see text, but the section titles are not clickable in timeline view. Why not?

It would also be AMAZING to be able to add subtasks as milestones in timeline! This would, of course, be dependent on being able to see multiple projects in a single timeline -

It seems that this is a pretty major functionality gap in Asana! A bit of a shame, to say the least.

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