Time estimate and more productivity options.

Greeting Team,

First of all Thanks a lot for creating this beautiful app :slight_smile:

I had used a tons of todo apps to suit my taste,unfortunately i didn’t find the best todo app till now :frowning:

Issues with other apps:

  • Microsoft Todo-
    Great Todo with attachments,but no calendar sync . i say its basic todo app.its not that much functional for a guy who is in depressed state.CHAOS EVERYWHERE

Complex app with tons of tons of features with story points,graphs,time estimate and many more,basically anything we can in jira. But no repeating tasks,Sprint contains only TODO,IN Progress,DONE which make no sense for a depressed guy who wants to make his day todo a good one.no calendar sync btw

Awesome app, can create same tasks in multiple projects, simplicity,calendar sync attachments etc.everything is good


some features are more helpful in jira while some are more helpful in asana
for example-
My layout
i want to create which has


and to track them in

  • Todo (Tasks filtered from SET1)
  • Daily (example- drink water)
  • weekly (study bible)
  • Monthly (monthly progress)
  • yearly (yearly issues)

In asana i can achieve this by
Creating 2 projects for set1 and trackings and i can assigns tasks in SET1 in todo using multiple projects options for same task, great option and also great option to add sub task in different project .but it would be great if

  • Same tasks in same projects in different sections so that it can useful and clutter free.so both can be implemented in single project.

  • Time estimate for each task and Time spend like in Jira.

  • Countdown timer for a important task.

  • Rules for sections in project .i know its paid but it would be good but anyways it’s upon to team to decide.

The Above is available in jira except countdown timer
the options which are available in asana are not present in jira,

So it would be great if small changes can make Asana a great app for sure.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi @Gowtham_Kodi, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! When sharing feedback, we recommend using one thread per suggestion; with multiple requests in one thread, it can be hard to keep track of feedback and votes. Since we have a thread related to one of these ideas, I suggest you add your vote here:

Regarding time tracking, you might be interested in the Everhour + Asana integration!


I don’t think we have existing threada related to applying Rules to Sections only and multi-homing in Sections. Do you mind creating a new thread in the #productfeedback to request this specific feature? Thank you!