There is not the possibilities to add any attachment on the UPDATE STATUS on a project (in web version)

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: There is not possibility to add an attachments on the “New Status Update” of a project using the web version. There is no any icon indeed.
Instead, it is possible using Iphone, and in fact it is working great.
I believe it is really an improvement that need to be done asap, as web version is a must.
Kindly wait for a feedback to understand when this functionality can be add.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: last Chrome version, same issue in Safari browser

Upload screenshots below:

no icon for add attachments.

Hi @Francesco_Spinoglio and thanks for reaching out!

This is actually an expected behavior, and since I was able to find an existing topic in our #productfeedback category, I’d highly recommend you to create a new thread there for this feature request so other community members can vote and support this request!

In the meantime, I would recommend adding your attachments in the first comment of your Status Update. I know this is not ideal, but it should hopefully serve as a workaround until we come up with a better solution!

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Just thinking now that you can also pin your comment containing attachments to highlight it :slight_smile: