Ability to replace document in posted project status updates

Hey there,

I mistakenly added an incorrect document to a recently posted project status update. I attempted to edit the status update, however, only the text seems to be editable, not the document attachments. Can someone confirm whether docs attached to status updates can be removed/edited?


@Zofia_Mrozowska I have confirmed this beavior. @Marie & @Emily_Roman is this behavior expected? It seems you can highlight and select the attachment but you are unable to delete it.

@Zofia_Mrozowska for the time being you might have to copy your updates elsewhere, delete the status update, and paste over your details to a new status update.

Hi @Zofia_Mrozowska and @Jerod_Hillard and thanks for the report!

I’ve filed a task to investigate this behaviour, but my hunch is that this is a bug. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update on my end!

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Hi everyone! our product team has confirmed this is currently working as expected. Files can not be updated once the status update is published. Hopefully this is something we will implement in future updates!