There is no option to add ( files ) in Project Brief?


I wanna add files and that means uploading files directly from asana without using any outside service or include links from another website

I know I can upload files on the overview page also images in the project brief

but I’m looking to upload files and other media to project brief

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I believe you need to add files next to the brief. For some reason the upload of screenshot does not work I can’t show you but there is a “Add links & files” next to “Create project brief”.

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Actually, I mean add files inside the brief project, not next to the brief project

Yes I understood but just wanted to point out this feature existed outside the brief.

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Hello @Tarek_Alber
What is the scenario you wish to achieve if you don’t mind me asking? Why is it that the upload has to be within the brief itself and next to it is not ok?


sure, because I have a lot of projects and each project has many sub-projects

example: I wanna make a table in the project brief including the name of the sub-project and the next column will be the file ( PSD, EPS … etc ) to make it arranged and easy for my team to get it


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Thanks for the clarity, Tarek.
Why don’t you use Portfolio for this? The feature will enable you to organise all projects in an easy to follow way. The portfolio will easily link each project, which will have its in project brief.

Check it out and see if this helps:

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it’s for premium only

Ah yes, sorry for recommending it without stating that.