The result is too large. Unfortunately, this endpoint does not support pagination. Please instead paginate on GET /users and specify a workspace which will return results sorted by id.

I am trying to bring in users to connect to the tasks. By brining in all users in the workspace, the result is too large. Is there a way to fix this? Alternatively, I was thinking I could bring in all users in a team. How would I adjust my code to bring in all users of a team instead?

Hi @Nikki_Duggan and welcome to the forum,

Which client library is this? Python?

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Yes this is Python.

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That’s very puzzling, as if you look at the source code for the Python library, that endpoint shows that it supports pagination internally.

@AndrewWong @Jeff_Schneider , do you guys have any ideas why this endpoint would be generating that error?

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Would this error be caused by the API timing out when hitting 2000 users?

I highly doubt it, especially given the error message you’re receiving.