The coolest Asana rules 😎

Not yet, we would need a rule that triggers when tasks are overdue. Maybe they’ll introduce this soon.

FYI this is easily done with Flowsana: “If a task is past due, send an email notification to the task’s assignee”:

You can even make it more specific, like “If a task is past due by 3 days…”, in case you want to cut them a little slack before you remind them. :grinning:

Can we make it like a list of tasks in one email reminder? So, 5 overdue tasks in one email reminder to the client.

Also, can it be used to inform a client about the next task to complete as part of an onboarding process?

No, it would be one email per task.

No, not currently. That’s an interesting idea; I’ll give that some thought in terms of Flowsana product enhancements.

As a former trello user, it’s really frustrating how lacking Asana rules is compared to Butler

The Asana Rules are only the tip of the iceberg. Once you start playing the automation game seriously; there are other apps like Zapier & Flowsana. I put together a list of all triggers and all actions for them!

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Hi, is there a way where you can set a rule that every time a task is created in a project, a template task is used?

I was trying to use the forms which will create a task whenever it is answered (its great for collecting data) and pushes it as a task but I wanted to have that task have subtasks automatically because my template task has 13 subtasks I need to have in each new task.


Template tasks can’t be used in Rules (yet).

Flowsana will be the solution in your case.

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Thanks for the tip!

Two new rules using the latest “Task almost due” and “Task overdue”!
:star: The Gentle Whisperer :star:
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This is so helpful! Thanks :grin:


Thanks @Micah_Mills !
I just added :star: The Standup Robot :star: :slight_smile:

@Bastien_Siebman I don’t see the “due date changed” triggers anymore in my business account. Is there a way to achieve the The Clock Master function?

It’s still there - it’s in the Triggers area under Due dates > Due date set > New due date.

IMO the wording is a little confusing; “New” due date can be interpreted as meaning a due date was newly added where there wasn’t one there previously, which s not what it actually means.


Thanks Phil! Agreed, the wording is confusing.

Can you share the “how to” on The Standup Robot?

Something like this
Capture d’écran 2021-04-26 à 15.22.26

The “Clock Master” Rule is the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good job to you and thanks for sharing.
Extremely disappointing though, that for such trivial tasks, walkarounds, 3rd party tools and burnt brain cells are required. In other words: poor job for Asana…

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Not sure what you refer to but my list is all about using Asana by itself…