The coolest Asana rules 😎

Let’s find some great new combinations!

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I would like to have a rule or perhaps a template in which I set a due date for a certain milestone, and automatically several subtasks get it own due dates… is it possible? help will be highly appreciated

I don’t know any solution that would currently do that. Maybe Flowsana from @Phil_Seeman?

Need a bit more detail here - what due date(s) do you want these subtasks to get? The same due date as their parent milestone task, or different dates - and if different, then how are the subtasks’ due dates determined?

Is there a way to create rules for when sub-tasks are assigned? Specifically, I would like to have assigned subtasks copied to another project once assigned.

Only if the subtask is part of a project already. Otherwise Rules can’t target subtasks.

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This post is great!
Will definitely steal an idea or five from this.

Contributing with our idea of using Rules.
We use a set of rules globally on all of our projects unless they are meant to be hidden (certain HR projects for example).

Goal: Collect your departments/workgroups tasks in one place.

Needed background
Each department or main process group has its own project (we call this project a dashboard), where their manager can see all of the group’s tasks and plan their day/week. You can easily help out colleagues if they’re behind and you’re done with your work since all of your team’s work is collected in one dashboard.

Our vision is to let project managers project manage, and others ease of finding their tasks and collaborate seamlessly in their department, while the manager can assure we’re focusing on their right tasks and in time. (Also “Workload” makes it possible to plan months ahead to see if anyone has too much or too little to do within your team)

Project Planning -> Asana Rule’s -> Department Dashboard

This Rule is set up for all dashboards (14 almost identical rules)

The dashboards themselves look a bit different depending on the workgroup.
Some find it easiest to sort by priority while others use their departments “Cornerstones”.
Just missing tags for Rules to more easily identify the area of the task, Project field can contain a few too many projects to be easily viewed.
Some ad-hoc tasks can be added directly to this project, but otherwise we want all tasks to originate from a project or initiative.

It can look something like this:


Very nice!

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