The coolest Asana rules 😎

Something like this
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The “Clock Master” Rule is the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good job to you and thanks for sharing.
Extremely disappointing though, that for such trivial tasks, walkarounds, 3rd party tools and burnt brain cells are required. In other words: poor job for Asana…

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Not sure what you refer to but my list is all about using Asana by itself…

I do not see a “change due date” trigger - only “new due date is set”. Is there a way to only add a task to a project if the due date is changed, vs being set for the first time? Thanks!

I am not sure, your request rings a bell, @Rebecca_McGrath don’t we have a thread on this already?

Hi! Thank you very much for these tips - they are very useful. What about due date period? I mean if we have a task with perdiod in due date and want to use automation to match end date with date of completeion is it possible somehow?

Do you mean when a task is completed you want to update the due date to “today” basically?

I want to update exactly end date for today date. For example task was planned on period 18/07/21-20/07/21. On the present momet task is overdue. But if I close it today due period is set as 18/07/21-29/07/21. We just need to keep actual task duration in analytics.

In that case the rule would be “when task completed, change due date to 0 days”

With this rule duration of task becomes one day - today. But I need to keep period - 18/07/21-29/07/21

Oh that rules stripes out the start date. I did not realize that. No solution for you sorry :man_shrugging:

Thanks that you tried to help :slightly_smiling_face: It also would be great to have automation to add subtusk to project with multihoming (to see it in workload)

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Maybe @Phil_Seeman and its Flowsana can help.

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Hi @Мария_Чекмарева,

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, Flowsana has a rule action to add subtasks from a template.

If using the above-mentioned Flowsana rule action, you could accomplish this multihoming in two ways: you could attach the subtasks in the template to the additional project, and then the subtasks that Flowsana creates would also be attached to that project; or (if you don’t want the subtasks in the template showing up in the additional project) you could make a rule that once the subtasks get created, they get attached to the additional project. (Feel free to send me a Private Message if you want more detail.)

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Does Flowsana allow you to make any custom rules that asana business would allow? Can Flowsana work on the free asana or we have to upgrade to asana premium to get Flowsana custom rules? Thank you

@Dil The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat & Automate will answer your question! and @Phil_Seeman will answer as well!

Hi @Dil!

Flowsana author here.

Flowsana works with all Asana subscription levels, with the understanding that it’s limited by what’s available in that subscription level. So for example, Flowsana rules involving custom fields or start dates won’t work with the free Asana since those elements aren’t available there.

Yes, Flowsana is good way for free and Premium Asana users, who don’t have access to Asana custom rules, to be able to build their own rules.

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A rule I have set up is the “Call-Out”.

When the task is added to the project it assigns its due date +5 days. If the due date is passed Triggers a customer field with “Missed 5 Day SLA”.

Helps to identify tasks that have been sitting without action quickly.

That’s actually a great rule! I am adding that to my library as this definitely would help streamline communication.

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