The Asana Together community program has surpassed 2,000 members globally!

We have big news to announce –– the Asana Together community program has surpassed 2,000 members globally! A huge 'round of applause for all of the incredible customers who have helped us build this community over the past two years. I’ve included a snippet from our release below:

Launched in 2019, Asana Together is a global community of customers and experts who connect both online and offline around shared interests of teamwork, productivity – and, of course, Asana. The Asana Together World Tour provides customers, partners and ambassadors with the opportunity to forge connections with like-minded collaboration enthusiasts through in-person and virtual events.

This year, the Asana Together World Tour reached new heights, with over 175 Asana-hosted and more than 40 community-based events – both in-person and online – as part of a growing movement to share best practices on effortless collaboration.

“We’re thrilled the Asana Together community program has grown to include more than 2,000 members across 94 countries, with our Asana Together World Tour now spanning over 30 cities and more than 175 events in 2020,” said Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Engagement Marketing, Asana. “This year has brought rapid and radical changes to the way many of us work. Despite this, our community of customers and experts have continued to support each other virtually, connecting at events and on our growing community forum. This connection between Asana and our customers, and our customers with each other, helps everyone work better together so we can all achieve great things.”

Celebrate with us and leave a comment or celebratory gif below! Not a member yet, but excited to get in on the fun? Join us!


Congratulations on the milestone! Well-deserved! :partying_face:


Congratulations! :tada:

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This is wonderful! Congrats!! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:


This is an amazing achievement!
Happy to be part of this growing community!

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Wuhuu :slight_smile:

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Get to know the Asana Together program through the lens of @Joshua_Zerkel , Certified Professional Organizer and Head of Global Engagement Marketing at Asana!

Check out our recent blog article :slight_smile: :point_down:


wooohooo! More celebration dance! :dancer:

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Love seeing the growth and adoption!

@Marie is there a growth chart you are able to share? I’d love to see the trajectory of the user base since 2019 (suspect to be strong). I know the ATWTs are so impactful and @Joshua_Zerkel’s team did an amazing job this past year by making the virtual events as valuable as possible. I’d love to use this information to share within my global company - emphasize the power of work management tools, especially given our new realities today.

PS - What states are we missing in the USA?

Hey @Jerod_Hillard! Thanks for the kudos and kind words. Transitioning all our ATWT events to virtual was an undertaking, but the entire team worked hard to make sure our event experience is still great for everyone who attends.

Unfortunately we can’t share the growth trajectory of our user base or any details, but you can find some indicators in our public filings with the SEC.

However, we do have an amazing asset you can share with your team - the new Anatomy of Work 2021 report!

…and we now have Asana Together member representation in all 50 states!


Thanks for sharing @Joshua_Zerkel!