🥳 TGIF: How do you celebrate your colleagues’ achievements in Asana?

Happy Friday everyone! :slight_smile:

We hope you all had a great week and thank you so much for participating in our last TGIF post.

This week we would like to learn about how you celebrate your colleagues when they go above and beyond and achieve their goals!

When was the last time you and your team celebrated your achievements? It’s very important to celebrate your colleagues’ success, for the sake of team spirit and improvement in performance.

At Asana, one of our values is Heartitude. We embrace what makes us human, we encourage teams to take time to play, have fun, appreciate others and create meaningful experiences for their own sake. Why do we have a unicorn flying across our product when we mark a task complete? The real question is - why not?

Great achievements are almost always the result not of one, but many. And by celebrating your colleagues, you’re ultimately contributing to the success of your team and future projects.

Another thing we implemented at Asana is our “Love” Team. In this team, anyone can post a Team Conversation sending love and appreciation to one colleague or team.

So why not take time to recognize your colleagues’ achievements in a conversation post or a task? It’s so simple but goes a long way!

We’d love to know more about how you celebrate your colleagues achievements in Asana, please share your comments below or even better, take a moment to recognize the achievements of a community member in this thread. Let’s spread the love! :heart:

PS: Don’t forget to check out our new Appreciations feature, you can find more information and join the conversation in the forum announcement here.


I love this so much! My love language is gifts, so you can usually find me spread love and cheer through little presents for all. So grateful for my awesome team :clap:

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We show love in a lot of different ways within my company. Two that specifically stick out are:

  • Global recognition portal where you can recognize your peers for going above any beyond and attribute their actions to our SCOPE Behaviors (Straightforward, Challenge, Open, Passionate and Effective) - points can be assigned to recognitions so individuals can cash in on some sweet goodies or gift cards. Managers get reports which serve as a great reminder to take a moment to show appreciation (it’s a gift that keeps giving)
  • My favorite forum for recognition is the monthly “Crush It” call where my team goes around the room (and phone) to recognize their colleagues for being awesome. This practice was inspired by THIS GEM :gem:

As for showing a little love :heart: towards this community, I gotta shout out @Kimberlea for being such an awesome cheerleader for all things Asana. I’ve benefitted firsthand from her support and it’s always much appreciated. Her willingness to dive in, always with a smile :smiley:, to engage with AT community members is top notch!


Thank you for much for the kind words, Jerod! :sparkles:

I also love the “Crush It” idea for team recognition. What an amazing way to sew recognizing outstanding folks into a normal cadence :clap:


Hi everyone!

If you are wondering when to use Appreciations, I recommend you checking our recent blog post

You can celebrate wins of all sizes with Appreciations :tada:

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I feel like a verbal affirmations aren’t the strongest way to recognize an employee always. With a young staff at our company (mostly college grad ages), I think the ‘love’ group idea above could work great, but with a twist. What if it was meme board with meme’s customized to recognize employees? It’s funny and are things easily created and sent around in emails. Why not incorporate them into positive praise as well?