🥳 TGIF: What's the first thing you do in Asana every morning?

Hi everybody! :wave:t4: Natalia and Emily here wishing you a happy Friday! :raised_hands:t4:

This week we’d love to learn about how you start your day with Asana.

Everyone has their own approach and favorite way to get their day off to a productive start.

Both @Emily_Roman and I start our day by checking our inbox. Emily likes to have a look at all her notifications and organizes the day by prioritizing her tasks; as for me, I like to review my Inbox to catch up with the latest updates and make sure I am on track with everything before jumping into the Forum to support and engage with all of you.

Some tips from Emily:

  • If there is an Inbox notification you’d like to process later, create a follow-up task with a due date. By doing so, you can archive your Inbox notification and set some time aside to read or work on this item.
  • Clean your inbox by the end of each day by archiving all your notifications. Don’t feel like you need to hold onto old notifications, as all your tasks and projects are searchable in Asana. Creating follow-up tasks will also allow you to keep track of all actions and make sure you don’t forget anything!

So what about you? What is the first thing you do in Asana to kick off your day?

What are the Asana features that help you start off your day? Share your best practices and ideas with us!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Have a nice weekend!

Emily and Naty :grinning:


I have two things I do in Asana first thing every day:

  • I’m an Inbox Zero person, so I clear out my inbox.
  • Next, I go through My Tasks and prioritize my work for the day.

By doing both of these in order, I know what’s new, what’s changed, and what I need to work on.


Definitely Inbox Zero + complete clean up of My Tasks.


I usually start off processing email that came in overnight into tasks/subtasks. Then I scan and archive inbox, and then jump right into my tasks for the day.


Definately zeroing my inbox and then checking the progress on each project I’m managing.


How I yearn to be an inbox zeroer… :wink:

Usually the very first I thing I do is check any updates within the Forum. Shortly thereafter, I will see what’s new in my Asana inbox as well as my pesky MS Outlook inbox. I’ll then consider the things I would like to achieve outside of meetings and prioritize my day accordingly.

This process isn’t as frantic on Monday mornings because I perform a “shutdown ritual” at the end of each week. Ideally, it would be great to be more disciplined with this action at the close of each day to lighten the morning load and make it easier to “disconnect” from each workday.


I usually check and clean most of my Inbox from my mobile while commuting to work, this way I know what my day will look before making it into the office, and I can spend extra time with my teammates at the coffee machine :slight_smile:
Step two is to have a look at My Tasks (I use the Today/Upcoming and Later sections) and check if I need to adjust any due date. And finally, I take a quick look at my calendar to make sure I’m clear on meetings I have for that day!

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I also check my inbox first, then the due tasks for today and then (if I have enough time left) the projects I own.

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Oh! The first thing I LOVE to do is bring up the project page that I’ll be working with for the day and reviewing what tasks I have planned. After that I like looking at my overall calendar since I have a project called “Events” to keep up with that kind of thing and all the links, etc for them. :partying_face:


Yep we call it MAFIA Asana and start with emails that need turning into Asana tasks and then empty our inboxes and then triage our tasks for the day - we each use our “My Tasks” lists a little differently depending on our roles - mine are today with extra project section so my projects and day to day tasks are separated, Upcoming and Later. We are also looking at using Zapier to reduce our inbox time and automatically create tasks in Asana that are repeatable. Then it’s into the task list in date order. I do a quick triage at the end of each day and a larger one on a Friday afternoon for the next week.


Hi there, can I ask how you check the progress on the projects? Using Portfolios or just checking each project individually?

The first thing I do is enter my top three items of the days, and update that days sprint.


I check all my Inboxes, then I move to my recurring daily task “Review what I need to do today”. From there, I am off and going. Review the inbox first allow me to adjust the priorities of my tasks for the rest of the day.




I check my inboxes (asana first, then email) too and recently set myself a task to get these to zero which is helping me focus more on clearing them first thing.
I then make sure my tasks for that day is in the right order - I use projects to group them (as you can’t see custom fields in my tasks yet) so that I work in blocks. At the end of teach day, I pull all tomorrow tasks in to today - I do this because if you let it happen automatically they go in any order, but by doing it manually they keep in the project order I have put them in - so I just have to move around a few ones that have come in from reoccurring the next morning :smiley:


Zeroing my inbox before checking the workload of my team. Then I’ll move on to any recurring tasks for the day.


I use emojis to mark the priority of each of my tasks for the day, so I go through My Tasks and add :small_red_triangle: :small_orange_diamond: or ◆ at the front of each task, then reorder to make sure the most important tasks for the day sit at the top.
Then I go through our team’s Master Action Tracker project, and pull anything that needs an update into our Team Daily Agenda project to discuss in our first meeting of the day.


Hi everyone!, I always prefer to open my Inbox and clear by filter wise, assigned by me, then assigned to me, then @mention, so balance all notification mostly for update or information where I just need to quickly go through and put in archived.
After I see Hurry! the screen then I am checking with My Task List, in that, I prefer to see New assigned task and multi-selection quickly put in Tomorrow or later. In the Today section, I have made 2 other sections are Before lunch and second is after lunch so I split into 2 sections. So now the balance of before lunch task put in my P1, P2, and P3 ( Priority 1, 2, 3) so I can only focus on P1 first.
Once I focus on one task then focus one at the time only. Once I finish physical action then come with an update in comment assign collaborative associates and update with my next due date or make it complete. Keep on doing.

After that, I move to my projects where I have planned which are Top 3 projects where I make task Top 5 Tasks. T1, T2, T3, T4 & T5 Tags. I have made 2 other projects which are like "People whom I want to contact" and another project is "People I am waiting for"
After the plan, all the above I click Tag of T1 first so all project T1 first thing first start working and so on T2, T3, T4, T5.
I enjoy my day with all Asana Tricks.
After lunch again the same Inbox clear and move on further actions.
Here I follow 10-80-10 %
10 % of Time to Invest in Planning
80% of Time for Actions
10% of Time for Planning before sleep.
Anyway folks, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my Asana Day.