Text Box Custom Fields


Given the limit on # of custom fields within a project, I am looking to get feedback/advice on creating custom fields for a text box. It doesn’t seem like we can do much to report on text boxes if inserted into a form, but the details within are still good to have if exported to CSV.

If I use the text box option on a form but don’t attach it to a custom field, am I limiting any reporting capabilities on my end?

Hopefully this makes sense! Thanks!

Hi @AmyBrown, thanks for your question.

One advantage of using a custom field for this free text is that you will be able to easily use the Advanced Search to target specific text. That may be handy for you over time.

For example, in Advanced Search, Add a filter for “Add Custom Field,” select your text custom field, and then you’ll have options like the following (in my example, the custom text field is called “Subtitle”).

As a reference, here are the current limits for custom fields: I’ve reached the custom field limit: any ideas?