Templated Task Dependancies linked to other projects

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We are experiencing behavior described in this bug report:

The template is okay.

All new projects are linked with previously created projects from the same template.

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When using the new template feature my team and I are encountering multiple issues. Dependencies are not available for use in templates anymore and when attempting to use a newly created template, the entire project will not form. Is anyone else having this issue? My team relies heavily on the template feature and these issues have really slowed down our work.

I’m experiencing the same issue. The task dependencies don’t populate whenever I use a template which seems to defeat the purpose. Using a template to open a new project should be more efficient, but right now it feels extremely manual and tedious.

Hi @Kelsey_Browne, @Maggie_Sartin, thanks for flagging this!

Could you please confirm if all dependencies are not being transferred to the newly created project or just some?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca!
After creating a project and then using the ‘save as template’ button, none of the dependencies that were previously inserted into the project save into the template. When I go into the template, it doesn’t give me the option to add dependencies.

Hi Rebecca! Like Maggie said, I can’t find an option to add dependencies to the template. I’ve attached one screenshot of a normal task where I can add dependencies and another screenshot of a task within the template where I can’t add dependencies. Is there another place within the template to do this? Or is not possible to add these in the template?

Hi @Maggie_Sartin, @Kelsey_Browne thanks for following up!

It currently expected that Dependencies are not carried over in Task Templates - this was a feature limitation. However, our Product team that have confirmed that they have begun rolling out this feature as of yesterday!

if you do not see Dependencies in your Task Templates, you will soon! :tada:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath! Thanks for the update. I now see the option to add dependencies within the task templates; however, whenever I try to type in a task name nothing populates. I tried this with multiple tasks. I know that @Maggie_Sartin is experiencing the same issue. Do you know why that is? I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

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