Do templates include dependencies?

If I set up a template with dependencies, will those dependencies be carried into a new project created from that template?

Yes, they will!


Awesome, thanks!

I don’t see dependencies option in created template. I have some subtask and can’t set dependencies in template.
In common tasks dependencies working ok.
Is it possible to enable this feature in templates?


I believe this thread is talking about project templates and you’re talking about task templates.

Dependencies are supported in project templates.

Dependencies will be supported in the much-newer task templates, but are not yet. See:


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Sorry, I did get the thread wrong.
Thank you for your response.

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I have tasks that are a part of multiple project templates. Eg: project closing & project archivation are part of 10 project templates (so it is the same task that’s a part of multiple projects).

I do this because for all our projects we have the same procedure to close & archive the project. In this way if something needs to be changed I only need to do it in one task which is great and saves me a lot of time.

My question is, what happens if I add a dependency between closing & archivation, will it work for all my temlated or will all be related to the project template where I added the dependency?

I don’t know if my question makes sense?