Template schedule type: Around Project Due Date

The templates are great with their timelines. However, it feels like there is an obvious use case that is missing.

In my work, we have planning that we need to do for each intake of graduates that join the company. The graduates all start on the same date, the project due date. But, we have activities that we need to carry out before and after start date:

  • In the run up to the start date, we need to plan activities to make sure everything is in place for when the intake starts.
  • Once the intake starts, we need make sure we are managing their starting activities as they progress.

I appreciate that this could be solved by having two projects, but that seems unnecessarily clunky.

If this schedule type were added, you would be able to switch between X Days Before and X Days After the target date you chose. In our case, this would be the date that the cohort started.

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