Set due dates in templates base on target date

It would be great to schedule due dates on a template based on a target date rather than the start date of a project.

Use example: We do employee on-boarding for our clients, we need to schedule tasks based on the hire date which is not the start date of the project. We need to schedule tasks +/- days around the hire date.

Hello @Sara_Skowronski
I think you can do it right now. When you create project from template you have to click on end that frame and then set up target date. System will calculate dates before.

I hope it helps.

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Hi @Charlie_Pilch
We actually need a target date in the middle. We have tasks that need to be done before an employee hire date and some that need to be done after the hire date. Everything pivots around the hire date.

Is it always the same set of tasks in this process? Maybe you can use template with some rules (i.e. when task “Hired” marked complete → set due dates on other tasks).

@Charlie_Pilch Its the same set of tasks in the project but the timelines could be different. This is for new hire onboarding, and sometimes we get information a week before the start date and some times a day before the start date, but everything pivots around the start date.