How to use due dates as more of a deadline on a template?

I am planning on duplicating a template I built but I am having trouble configuring the dates. For example Id like for some tasks to be done 3 days from the start date (whatever that date may be) instead of an actual date because the dates are subject to change every time I duplicate the template. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hello @trevor1! Welcome to the forum!

When you use custom templates you are able to shift the due dates of the tasks based on when you choose to start (or end) the project. The task with the earliest due date in your template will be shifted to the selected start date.

  • Set the due dates of the tasks in your template so they are x number of days from the start, as needed.
  • Add a task in your template that reflects day 0 and call it “mark me complete to begin” or something like that. This is assuming day 0 is a hire date and perhaps the first task to complete doesn’t happen until day 3. You don’t have to do what I describe above if you set the start date of the project built from a customer template to be day 3 (assuming that’s the first task due in the template).

You can read more about scheduling project dates from a custom template HERE.

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