Teams vs Asana collaboration/chat for large sales funnel

I’m trying to help our Sales team implement SharePoint/Teams/Asana. SharePoint will be where they save files in the sales funnel per opportunity. There can be multiple opportunities per partner. We are used to using Teams for chat & meeting.

I’m planning on creating a hub site in SharePoint for three sites (areas of sales business). Each Partner would have a folder, and multiple Opportunity folders listed under each Partner folder. This is where we’ll store files from Qualification through Post-Contract Execution.

We plan to have an Asana project for every Opportunity to take a cross-functional team through the sales process and then the implementation/fulfillment phase after contract is signed.

Here’s my question… we’re used to using Teams for chat at the company. However, I can’t see how to do that with this SharePoint structure… plus the 200 channel limitation and not being able to archive channels.

We’ve used the Collaboration chat box on tasks in Asana, but we’ve never used the Conversations tab. Since we’re going to have an Asana project for each Opportunity, would you suggest we ditch trying to use Teams for chat/comms for each opportunity and just use the Asana project in either the Collaboration tasks chat box or the Communications tab if it’s a message to the entire group? One thing that’s awesome I just noticed is you can mention anyone in our entire org, not just members of the MS Team.

Anyone currently using MS Teams for large sales funnels, I’d be curious how you’re doing it. And I’d love to hear from anyone just using Asana to do this, too. Thanks!