Team Tree Structure

Hi everyone,

I searched the forums but couldn’t find this feedback, perhaps I was looking at the wrong phrases as I’m sure others have thought about this as well.

Anywho! We’re doing our best to cross-collaborate across the entire organization, as we often need skills from different departments, and we’re firm believers that transparency is key to keeping updated and involved.
This means that everyone has access to ~90% of the Asana teams we’ve created.

We would absolutely love to be able to group Teams in the sidebar view. Not looking for any particular functionality or structure outside of the visibility change.
Just like you can collapse a team, it would be awesome to be able to group and collapse several Teams in a section. (Slack recognized this and released something similar in their latest update).

We’re cleaning up our teams, but we will still end up with 40+.
Comparing that to opening a folder and not quite sure what you’re looking for, and need to look through 40 folders, forced to a sidebar view.

Something like this is what we’re looking for:

(NEW) DEPARTMENTS [Section, collapsible]

  • Dept: Marketing [Team, collapsible]
    – Summer Campaign
    –Autumn Campaign
  • Dept: Design
    –Design Governance

Having this would solve one of my biggest challenges with Asana. I’m in upwards of 50 teams that follow the same naming convention and it’s very difficult to keep myself organized without this feature. I wish I could vote for it more than once!