Collapsing of Left Pane

I would love to see a Collapse All/Expand All Arrow to collapse down to just team names for organizations instead of having to do them one at a time. If you are in multiple Teams it extends the left pain to much and it is time consuming to expand/collapse one at a time.


Thanks, @JCarl . We’re capturing all your requests and passing them along to the team. Can you expand on how many teams you have so I can paint a good picture of the impact of this one? Thanks!

I am part of a number of organizations. For example the church that I am helping there are 19 teams across the functioning of the ministry. Teams are standard departments as well as committees throughout. Expand and Collapse would be so useful and make navigation so more timely. Thanks

So here is a Snippet of the Church Teams. You can see why there needs to be a global expand/collapse to the Team level. Without this expand/collapse, someone like me who is on all the Teams for implementation of Asana it is a challenge. I have to a number of times go and do it manually so I can refocus on the teams I am helping to design their Asana structure. Thanks

Are there any more suggestion for left pane? I know that the collapsing down to team level would make it so much easier for me. Any others of you think Collapse All would be helpful?

Hope this is still in the consideration pipeline as navigating the left pane when a number of Teams and a number of Projects is cumbersome. Collapsing with one click to the Team level would be so much more efficient. Thanks for consideration