Tasks results in longer projects: how do you manage them?


Hello Everyone,

In my search for a lean way of managing templates, I am struggling to find a good solution to manage the information produced by completing tasks. Let me try to be a bit more clear.
I have a project template which defines my marketing strategy for a specific campaign. One of the tasks in my project is doing a research. How do you store the result of this search? If I store them in the task, when the task is marked as complete I lose visibility. If I create additional tasks to contain information, I create a lot of noise. It would be super helpful to understand what you guys think about it and how you would suggest to tackle this.

I am currently toying with the idea of creating template documents and attaching them to the research task, and expect the person that is carrying out the research to attach the final document as a project document.
One of the issues that stops me from using this method is that some of the results of tasks are simple lists that shall be used later in the project to create new tasks. If one task has the objective to create a list of URLs and then another task is to assign a task for each URL found.

Anyone has any better solution than this?



What about creating a project called Researches and once a research is done you add the task to this project, while keeping it in the original project. The Researches project is setup to show completed tasks. so you always see everything.
You could also add a tag to those tasks and create a custom view to show all tasks with this tag?


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman this is a very good idea! I will see how I can implement it!