Tasks marked as dependent going to My Tasks

I’m starting to use the dependencies to coordinate work between members, but there is one functionality missing that I think is so important.

Basically, I add a task to another team member, and then another one to me that is dependent on the previous one. Beside getting a notification when the first task is completed, I would expect to have my task, that now I can work on, to go to My Tasks. This way all the process would be more intuitive, even if I miss the notification.

Does that make any sense?

Hi @Rebola-Caixotes, thanks for reaching out! I think you can achieve something similar if you assign the dependent task to you. A change on a precedent task’s date or when is marked complete will automatically notify the dependent task. If the dependent task is assigned to you, you will receive a notification in your inbox.

You could also create a rule in your project to automatically assign the task to you once is no longer blocked by another task:

I hope this helps!

The problem is not being assigned to me neither not receiving the notification. It would make some logic to have the task going to My Tasks, either for new tasks or Today, when the precedent task gets completed. Actually the task is already in My Tasks, but because it had a depency I usually put them on Next or Later. This way I won’t need the notification or even to add a rule that only will apply to me. Do you understand what I mean?