Don't stifle self-notifications in cases where they are helpful to move work forward

Usually self-notifications for actions you take are stifled because they’re known and just noise, so it makes sense to not get a self-notification for the task you yourself just completed.

But in many cases, e. g., if you complete a precedent task and the dependent task is assigned to you, it would be very useful to receive the notification. Notification of a rule firing may also be desirable.

Two other threads raise this, one from years ago:




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Thanks for providing this feedback, @lpb! :slight_smile:

I agree that self-notifications can definitely be helpful in some cases. I’ll keep you posted if we make any updates to notifications! :slight_smile:

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Was just about to put a post together about this, after seeing the closure of the post

This is a key gap for me in my workflow, lack of self-notification for Dependent tasks… I want to use Dependent Task more and more but knowing that if I am the assignee of both of the tasks I won’t get any notifications stops me trusting the dependancies and having to resort to having Dependencies and Due Dates to ensure I don’t missing things.

@Rebecca_McGrath - Any word on progress on this one?



Hi @Jason_Woods, for some clarity, we decided to close the Task Dependencies - the missing piece - #82 by Josh_Hutson thread and redirect voters to vote for the threads linked in my comment as the thread became too broad. It’s best that product feedback threads remain specific so it’s easier for our Product team, and other users looking to vote, to understand what exactly is being requested :slight_smile:

Regarding self-notifications, I have no updates yet but will keep you posted if anything changes! :slight_smile:

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