Tasks in "my tasks" not displaying associated project

I have assigned multiple tasks to a coworker across different projects but he is not seeing any project assigned to these tasks in his “my tasks” area. This was not an issue previously, but all of his recently assigned tasks are not showing any project information, even if he sorts by project. png

Two possible reasons:

  • the project of the tasks is private and your coworker is not a member of them
  • your coworker is a guest (does not have a @my-company.com email address) and was not added as a project member.

When you assign a task to someone, they only see the project the task is part of if they have the right to see the project. Makes sense?

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As @Bastien_Siebman explained, if the Project where the Task is nested is Private and your coworker is not a member of the Project, she won’t be seeing the Project name on the Task.

Could you please confirm if the Projects where these Task belong to are Private and if your coworker is member of those Projects?

**You can access to the Project Members & Access settings menu by clicking on the Share button next to the project’s name

  1. If yes, could you please send us a screenshot of your settings permission for this project**? Please make sure to hide any private information (like your email address).

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