Tasks from different projects don't appear in the calendar workspace in the mobile version

We’ve noticed that some tasks from different projects don’t appear in the calendar workspace in the mobile version, while they do appear in the desktop version. We think that these tasks we are missing in the mobile version are the ones in which we are not responsible of but don’t understand why they don’t appear. This is a big issue for us because we work on different projects at the same time so it’s very helpful to find all the tasks in one place instead of going trough each project.

We are using the Premium version of Asana (30 days trial)

Hi @Ariadna , welcome to the forum :wave:

This is strange. Can you confirm whether is it just you who is experiencing this or is it the same for others? And if so, have you noticed whether there is a difference between the iOS or Android app?

If possible, could you also post a screenshot of the app, without disclosing any sensitive information?

Hi Richard, nice to meet you.

This is something that me and my colleague are both experiencing in iOS and Android app. Unfortunately as a new member I cannot upload a picture…

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Ah yes, I forgot new users cannot upload for a while…?
No worries, and thanks for the additional information!

So when you say ‘calendar workspace’ in the mobile app, I have a feeling you may be referring to the Calendar view in My tasks, instead of the Calendar view of a project, which is what I perhaps wrongly, initially, assumed.

It would make sense that in the My tasks calendar you would ONLY see tasks that are assigned to you - this is expected behaviour. What threw me off was that you mentioned they appear in the desktop version, but I would speculate that you are viewing the Calendar view of a Project in the desktop app - not your My tasks view, right? :thinking:

So to help resolve this, could you please check the following in the Mobile app:

  1. Use the search icon along the bottom, type the name of your project, scroll down to find it under ‘Projects’ in the search results.
  2. In the Project, tap on List at the top, just below the project title.
  3. Tap on Calendar. Do you see all your tasks now?

To find all the Tasks that are assigned to you in one place, simply tap on the ‘My tasks’ icon at the bottom of the app screen. You can then change the view type from List to Calendar, similar to as per the above steps 2 & 3.

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Also in addition to Richards reply - do all the tasks have due dates? Because they will show in the list view on desktop but not a calendar view without due date.

Yes @Danielle-GenD, our tasks do have due dates, so that’s not the issue. @Richard_Sather When I say ‘calendar workspace’ I mean the space in which you can see a calendar with all the tasks of all the projects in the same place, so you don’t need to enter in each project’s calendar. You just see at one glance all the tasks related with your projects even if you are not responsible of these tasks. This is something I can see in my computer, but not in my mobile app… and I wonder why…

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Hi @Ariadna , it sounds like you are viewing the Calendar tab within a Team (in which you have various Projects), right? Unfortunately this view is not available on the mobile app.

The only way to replicate a Team Calendar view in the app would be (on the browser/desktop app) to create a ‘Master’ project where you add all the tasks from all your projects into it. Then all your tasks would appear in the Calendar view of the Master project on the mobile app (as long as these tasks have a due date).

You can also automate all new tasks added to your projects to ‘multihome’ to the Master project by adding a single rule into each project so that ‘when new tasks are added → add to Master project’. But you will need Asana Business tier to create these rules.

Have a look at this post for the best way to multihome tasks. You can skip step 5 since you will be adding and not moving tasks to your Master project.