Tasks due soon AND overdue

I wonder how to filter tasks that are due soon or overdue.

Once upon a time I have saved and Advanced Search that was to show the incomplete tasks with particular tags due within next 5 days. In the effect I was shown a list of incomplete tasks with those tags that were due soon or overdue. Unfortunatelly now it does not work that way, but it shows just tasks due soon, but ignores overdue tasks.

Let’s say I have to let my clients know the taxes they have to pay this month. I’ve given those tasks a tag, say, TAX and set the due date few days (e.g. 3 days) before deadline for payment. When the moment approaches I want filter those tasks to make sure every client has obtained the information on time. I do not need to see on that moment tasks due next month or later, but it is not convenient that once the task becomes overdue it disappears from the list. Obviously I can have to Advanced Searches saved - one for due soon, and another for overdue tasks - but it seems to be an awkward workaround.

Anyone can recommend a solution?

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Hi @Przemek - you could indeed save new advanced searches and fiddle with the date option. You could, for example, sort by a certain date range. If you’d like things to be consolidated in a new way, you might consider using custom fields. You could create custom fields for status and save an advanced search for all tasks that have fields [other than] complete. You’d, in effect, be able to see overdue tasks by process of elimination.

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I have the same BIG problem… when ASANA change this option and how to restore in the save (combo) advanced search the OVERDUE TASK and the task due soon? for me it is a very BIG problem…
thanks a lot

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I have this same BIG problem. I rely on this report all day every day and it was working yesterday. Today I can’t see my teams past due tasks. I may not necessarily know what the oldest date is to use the date range and it is cumbersome to have to use two separate reports for past due items and today’s items. Any other ideas? Was this change considered to be an improvement and has it been replaced with a tool that is more helpful that I am just not aware of?


I just realized this when I went to check overdue tasks =| Kind of annoying to not be notified of small changes like this that requires us to update our favorite searches.

For overdue tasks that’s fairly simple @Christy_Fox, just run a report for incomplete tasks and then sort by due date, you can specify teams or people, etc.

But for @Stefano, seeing both overdue and due soon tasks in one search does not appear to be viable, it’s either or now. Not great, not simple, you’d have to use two reports. I guess perhaps you could do just a search for incomplete tasks by team or whatever, and then just do sort by due date, so you see the overdue and due soon first - but yeah.

Yeah, see my thread here. Change to search behaviour for Due Date in last few days - #2 by Sara

Asana staff confirm that this was a deliberate change… and a breaking one that you cannot replicate in any other way. Very bad form. Whoever decided it was a bug I think made a big mistake


Searching tasks overdue and due with in x days, was a very useful “BUG”. Now i have to go through 2 reports everyday instead of one.

Can someone share a workaround or a filter to search of tasks overdue and due within x days in one search


I agree it was a useful bug, I’m hoping they fixed it and are working on a way to replicate that useful search =)

However, you could try the ‘due in the past X days/months’ - I tried it with the past 10 months. It only shows all overdue tasks + the ones due today though…

You might have to do it manually - set ‘due between dec 2016 and june 30th’ - you would have to change the search frequently, I don’t know how to do it dynamically. It’s messing up my dynamic searches too =(

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Sorry Caisha… i NEED this (look the image please and sorry for my english!!)

! first of the change it is possible… actualy NO. For me it is a big mistake… if i use “between date” i need to change the “due date” only week… ok for me it’s not a big problem (but i need to remember this) … but fom the other member it’s not possible…and so?

This post provides helpful workarounds :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Is it correct that this will show me just overdue, and not due soon AND overdue?
I’m asking just make sure I’m not missing something.

To be honest, I think the best “workaround” would be to introduce somethink like this:

However I’d ask for:

Due within last (x) days & Due within next (y) days
Between Today - x and Today + y

Sara outlines a few options in her post. First, to view only overdue, and next to show overdue and upcoming based on sorting mechanisms.

It sounds like a good option for you would be the latter - to simply sort Projects and/or Searches by Due Date, which will show you the Tasks [in your Project] chronologically (with Overdue Tasks at the top).

You and @Sara are right. I think I can do with that.
The only shortcoming of this workaround is that I can’t see Project’s name at a glance in some of my cases, and I cant’t sort by Project as the sort by Due Date is essential part of this solution.

This is a part of the list, to make you see what I mean:

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As mentioned in the other thread, ( Change to search behaviour for Due Date in last few days - #10 by Krishnendu_Nandy ) I cannot use a favourite search as the date ranges wont be dynamic and has to be changed everytime.

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An update for you!


As Community members, if we are given the freedom to express frustration (sometimes rather passionately), I think also as a Community we should express our thanks when something like this is listened to and acted upon rapidly. Thanks


Thank you, you guys have been very prompt in listening to woes and frustrations :).

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I was mistaken about timing so this isn’t ready quite yet - my apologies. But we’ll be seeing it very soon! :tada:

Hi. I had the exact same filter set up. Now I changed it to “Due between 01-01-2017 and (empty)”. Then I sort by Due Date. Although ALL future tasks are shown that way, it is good enough for me.

Hi. I know this thread is old, but wondering if it’s been solved? What workarounds are you using?