Reporting - Overdue tasks by Assignees not working

I’ve tried making a comprehensive list of everyone on my team with overdue tasks:

Select Upcoming Tasks by Assignee
Select Report on All My Asana Data
Select Task Status as OVERDUE
–from here, all data disappears, no matter how far back I set the range–

What am I doing wrong?

Do you have recommendations on how to track all those pesky overdue tasks?

I would do advanced search > Incomplete > Due date within the last 999 days > sort by assignee. That does show task due today as well though.

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That is not very practical because of the following reasons

  • It includes tasks with upcoming due dates
  • Cannot sort in advanced search
  • Cannot create a report out of this

Thank you for your consideration!

I am not sure I understand. A search can be saved as a report and I just tried, you can sort by several fields :thinking:

@Yago Did you try using the new Reporting feature that was just launched?

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