Tasks created by Google Forms

I am using the Google Forms integration to receive internship applications. They then appear as a task in a designated project. However, unless I remember to go to the project and see if there is a new application received, I am not aware of when one comes in.

Does anyone know of a workaround to receive a notification of a new task with this integration? I’d love for it to appear in “new tasks” but I believe that would require an assignee, correct?

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Hi @Crystal_Alifanow

Yes, you are right, to receive notification in your inbox you either need to be the assignee or a collaborator.

One quick solution exists. If the tasks are created in a specific project, you can open the Project Members & Privacy, and check that your users is set to receive notifications on new tasks creation. In that way you should be notified in your Inbox in Asana.


This doesn’t work, because with the integration you’re technically the one creating the task and I have a few integrations set up based on forms/etc. and I do have project notifications all on and don’t get them. I had to set a reminder task for me to check those projects.

I’m not familiar with the flat google forms integration (as I use Zapier for that), but is there not a way to default assign tasks to someone?

If that doesn’t work, I suggest creating a reminder task for you to check the applications project daily (or whenever).

And if you don’t want to do that, this was suggested recently and I thought it was a good work around for issues like this (if you can do it):

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@Crystal_Alifanow, cool workflow!

If you were interested in adding some additional complexity (and functionality!), our new Wufoo Form integration would allow you to automatically designate an assignee to the Tasks created via form. If you were the default assignee – which may or may not be desirable for you – you would see the Tasks come in to your My Tasks, as well as into the Project. Perhaps that would help?

The new Wufoo integration also maps to Custom Fields, so you could set up things like “Source” or “Contact Email” to map into Fields to streamline your workflow even further. More here! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


For reference :slight_smile:

Get Wufoo + Asana

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Thanks so much @Sara & @Alexis. That is a sweet integration.

You need a premium account at Wufoo to create a form with more than 10 fields and allow the end-user to upload their resume, so I’ll have to continue with Google Forms for now. I’ll use @Caisha’s suggestion of creating a reminder task.

Thank you all for the help!


Hello @Crystal_Alifanow,

The only way to be informed about the new applicants is to create an “hr” bot asana account at your organization and connect this account to create the new tasks through the Google forms integration.

You (or everyone want to be informed about the new applicants) will be collaborators of the project you want to be notified.

With this flow, you will be able to get email notifications and inbox notifications for the new tasks.

btw I am currently working on a web app that transforms the Asana into a powerful ATS. You will be also to schedule interviews and contact with the applicants through email. Let me know if you are interested in a beta invitation as the web app is ready for new friends :slight_smile: