Tasks Assigned not automatically appearing in My Tasks

Hi, If I created and assign a task to myself in projects it then doesn’t seem to update in the My Task Screen? Please can you help? I am using Asana in Chrome.

I’ll assume you’ve already made sure of the following:

  1. the task is truly assigned to you
  2. you have selected “All Tasks” in the upper right corner of the My Tasks screen
  3. you have scrolled through all sections of My Tasks

After making sure of that, then I’d suggest providing us with screeneshots as follows:
A) The task itself
B) My Tasks with a circle showing where you expected to find the task, and didn’t

After that I am sure we can help one way or another.

https://www.loom.com/share/8d7102debebf4a3e98d38185585fb714 - Here’s a loom video to explain what I’ve done.



Tasks in My Tasks don’t automatically move into columns/sections (they used to, but that’s another story); you need to create rules to have them move to where you want them. For details, see:

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Thanks Gill, it’s extraordinarily helpful to have the video, and I appreciate your very clear and comprehensive demonstration of twhat’s going on.

The issue isn’t quite that newly assigned tasks don’t appear in your “My Tasks”; they actually do appear there, as you have shown, they simply end up in the “Recently Assigned” section, despite having Due Dates that would seem to qualify the new Tasks to move straight to the “Do Today” section. As Phil suggests, you need to create your own logic through rules to send the new tasks to the correct Section. (Asana can’t parse the title of a section like we humans can.)

Not a big Rule user, but I am wondering if the fact that they only run once a day, around midnight, means that Tasks created today won’t ever show up same day in “Do Today”. It’s TBD.

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@Gill_Perkins, perhaps my article may help you to set up your My Tasks the way you’d like it:

Hope that helps,



Well that’s a pain in the backside! Surely it should be automatic. Any chance of getting a loom video in order to explain how I set up the manual rule?


Sorry, I don’t currently have the bandwidth to make a video for that. Perhaps someone else can - any volunteers?

@Gill_Perkins, Did you try the simple instructions to add two rules (takes under 5 minutes) in my article mentioned a few posts above? Hundreds of people have followed those instructions successfully.


Its ok – thanks – I’ve found the rule now and set up. Please can you guys confirm if it does in fact run at midnight each night in order to sort out the tasks?


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