Task View (List) - Please show entire project name (need more characters)



I have many tasks with the same name. When I view My Task List, I see several tasks with the same title on the left, the project name shortened on the right (only 9 characters are shown,) due date and the blue dot to mark a due date.

Our project numbers are: project number, client name and project name (ie 3344 - ABC - Custom Residence.) Having a limited viewing field for the project name makes it difficult to understand what project the task is for, especially when we might have 6 active projects for the client ‘ABC.’

See the attached screenshot.

Thanks for your consideration.


Agreed! Most of my tasks come from the same set of names, because we use templates extensively in our content calendar. Fortunately, these tasks are actually subtasks, and My Tasks shows the task name next to the subtask name. The project name, as you indicate, is truncated. Ideally, Asana would let you choose which columns or labels appear.


We have the same issue: a lot of tasks with a similar name. Showing the full name of a project is sorely needed.


I’d like to add my voice to this request. There’s ample room to expand the project name so that enough shows to be useful. I’m using lots of abbreviations, but that’s often not enough to make the specific project obvious at a glance. Either widen that column’s default width or allow users to globally adjust that column width to serve their nomenclature.