Task Template from Calendar View

My company uses Asana for construction project schedules so we use the Calendar view primarily. I recently discovered the use of Task Templates which are AWESOME - BUT I would really like to be able to pull the task template option from the calendar view rather than having to switch to the list view. My less techno-savvy project managers simply don’t think to switch to List view. I know it’s just a different click, but the visualization of the schedule from the Calendar view makes a big difference.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Kelsea_Nemcek! We are planning some updates for calendar view and we hope to add this option soon. I’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an estimated date to launch this feature.

Hi @Emily_Roman, I was wondering if you had an update on this feature since it would be hugely helpful for our teams as well. Fingers crossed it’s not too far away now!

Commenting here as well @Emily_Roman .

We love the task template feature and want to use it on our content calendar.

However, we operate from the Calendar view. I will click on a day to add a new blog post to our calendar.

On every other view (Board, List, Timeline) I see an option to “Add new” and use a task template. However, there is no such option in Calendar view.

Having this option would be immensely helpful so we don’t have to toggle to our (cluttered) list view!

@Emily_Roman A big +1 to what others have mentioned above . We primarily work in the calendar view when building out our content calendar. The ability to use templates there would be a huge time saver.